Use cases

Uses for Clients

The Return app can serve as a useful consumer retail product. Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows clients to invest in a high-yield savings account of up to 10% APY, where they can deposit, track and withdraw their finances with ease.

For example, Ellen, a user of Return, deposited €6000 in her account because she is saving up for a Vespa moped. Using the app’s useful projection feature, she knows that in three years she will have €7170.00 at an 6.5% APY – just the amount she needs to get her new moped.

Uses for Businesses

Return Finance is a product that’s also tailored towards the needs of SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises), to which it can offer a financial return on the idle treasury reserves in their possession.

Тhe owner of an independent music recording studio uses Return to deposit €300 000 that their company owns. With a 6.5% APY, in three years that amount will add up to €358 500.00, which can then be used for new equipment or any other enterprise-expanding venture that is deemed useful.

Or, a medium-sized IT company with offices in New York, Sofia and Stockholm has an idle treasury reserve of €500 000. That money is currently not being used for any operational or expansion needs but is at risk of being devalued by inflation. If the company uses a Return account to keep its reserve, in three years it will have made €597 500.00 at a 6.5% APY.

For yet another example, large-sized enterprises, who want to diversify their assets and investments, usually stay shy of the DeFi and crypto sector, because of their low tolerance of risk. This is where Return offers them a chance for a high-yield crypto investment, while the volatility risks associated with this sector are minimized.

With a service like Return, the CFO and Board Members of such a company don’t need to learn everything about DeFi from the ground up. Instead, they will use an application that follows familiar fintech methods using fiat money, offered in a to-the-point interface. So, if the enterprise decides to invest €1 million in their Return account, in three years they will have made €1 195 000.00 with a 6.5% APY.

As White Label & API

Our service can also act as a white label product and function as an Application Programming Interface (API), offered to third-party neobanks, exchanges and other fintech.

These businesses don’t need to use the mobile app directly, but rather an API service provided by our company. This will offer them a chance to give high-yield vaults to their clients in their own digital ecosystem, powered by Return.

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