The Problem and the Solution

The Problem

The crypto industry has been dominated by centralized exchanges that lack transparency and fail to disclose proof-of-reserves to their customers, which led to them losing their deposits, resulting in companies like Celsius, Voyager, BlockFi, and FTX becoming insolvent.

Engaging in high-risk activities like lending by centralized exchanges has resulted in defaulted loans and cascading liquidation, both of which have a negative ripple effect on the entire DeFi ecosystem. Lack of transparency, regulation and sound business processes have also allowed these institutions to misuse funds.

Consumers and businesses also don’t have easy access to trustless and permissionless DeFi products that don’t require them to possess deep knowledge of cryptocurrency, smart contracts and the overall ecosystem of blockchain.

Less than 400k people worldwide have taken part in Decentralized Finance, because it's complicated to use and lacks a user-friendly outlet to make the entire process easier. There are multiple steps needed, such as converting fiat to crypto, setting up different wallets, and actioning different transactions on different platforms.

The Solution

Return Finance addresses these prevalent problems by acting as a bridge between traditional and digital finance, by offering fiat-based savings accounts with up to 10% return. By utilizing a simple and intuitive interface that removes the difficulty associated with crypto onboarding, we have compressed the process from ten steps to three – create and verify your account, add money, start earning immediately.

We also operate transparently by providing our users with a fully auditable trail of transaction IDs and smart contract addresses, showing the flow of customer funds, which are then deposited into the smart contracts on decentralized protocols, making them traceable and transparent.

Returns are generated through trustless and permissionless DeFi protocols that are insurable while working with an industrial-grade infrastructure and fully regulated and licensed partners, allowing us to scale and manage risk. Return Finance also provides proof-of-reserves by using trustless and permissionless DeFi products for yield generation.

Traditional vs. Return's process

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