Return Finance App

Return is a user-friendly savings application that lets you earn up to a 10% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on your Euros and U.S. Dollars (GB Pounds - Coming soon) from DeFi markets.

Why Choose Return App

  • Secure, transparent and decentralized

  • Low minimum deposit

  • No monthly services fees

  • No lock up period

  • Watch your money grow in real time

  • Quick access and easy withdrawal

Start using Return in 3 easy steps

  1. Create and verify your account

  2. Safely add money and start earning immediately

  3. Withdraw anytime you want with no additional fees

The easiest way to beat inflation and banks low interest rate

The average bank savings account offers a 0.5% and with the current high inflation rate, your savings lose value every day they stay in the bank.

The Return app allows you to:

  • Track your earnings

  • Trace your deposits

  • Verify our assets

  • Calculate future returns

Your money is safe

Return is a fully-regulated fintech company that works only with recognised and regulated partners. We use the latest security standards to offer a product that is compliant and insured so that we can provide a trustworthy service to our depositors.

End-to-end process flow

Disclaimer: The yield-generating protocols shown in the "on-chain transactions" section of this chart are examples of the most commonly used strategies by the Return Finance smart contract. Please note that the actual strategies and protocols may change depending on market conditions.

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