Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add money to my Return Finance account?

There are several methods to put funds into your account, depending on your chosen currency.

For Euros, you can utilize a bank transfer. Such transfers typically take 1 to 3 working days to reflect in the Return app. Standard fees from your bank will apply.

For U.S. Dollars, you can top up via bank card or use popular payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. These transfers will show up in your account shortly after processing.

For USDC deposits (with EURC availability coming soon), we will assign you a personal wallet on a layer 2 network, including platforms like Polygon, Avalanche, or Base. Note that users who deposit an equivalent of over $700 must undergo mandatory KYC verification.

How can I verify my account?

Every Return Finance user must verify their account. If you choose to top up via bank transfer, provide your personal information before starting the transfer.

If using a card, complete our KYC procedure within 90 days of account creation or once you hit the operational limit of $700*.

The process is simple and swift:

  • You start the KYC verification process from the app by tapping on one of the KYC banners:

  • Choose to verify your identity by any of the following documents: ID Card or Passport. Take pictures of the document and make sure the image is not cropped or hard to read!

  • Take a selfie with the document at hand while both your face and the document are clearly visible.

  • Upload a Proof of Residence. The full list of documents that are accepted as a valid Proof of Residence are listed in the app.

  • Fill our Questionnaire and upload a Source of Income document.

*Note: Card transactions are processed through our payment partner, MoonPay. The $700 operational limit pertains to the overall balance in your account, not counting funds transferred via MoonPay.

What currencies does Return support?

Currently, you can make deposits in both fiat currency - Euro and U.S. Dollar, and stablecoins - USDC (EURC coming soon).

Do I have access to my deposits once I invest?

Yes! You have access to your deposits and the yield that you earn at all times! You can make transactions and withdrawals whenever you like!

What is the "Invite & Earn" referral program?

The "Invite & Earn" referral program allows you to get $15 for each friend that registers to Return Finance with your referral code. Even better - each of you get $15! All you have to do is follow the three easy steps:

  1. Invite a friend by sending them your referral code

  2. They must register, pass the KYC verification and deposit at least $50/€50/50 USDC

  3. Your account should be verified and have at least $50/€50/50 USDC of deposits to be eligible for the reward.

  4. Both of you get $15!

Reward usage:

The $15 reward is added to your balance but it can not be withdrawn and spent for a period of 12 months! It is used only to generate yield during that time.

How are the assets safe-guarded?
  • We offer full transparency of customer funds, providing transaction IDs on the blockchain, as well as smart contract addresses of where funds are deposited.

  • We work with trusted and prominent RegTech companies, that offer institutional-grade infrastructure, are fully regulated, and give our customers best-in-class security and privacy.

  • We operate the business with strict governance and business processes.

  • Our management team and board of advisors are seasoned executives that implement the highest level of governance and duty of care.

What is USDC?

USDC stands for USD Coin. It is a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar. This means that the value of the USDC is always equivalent to $1. USDC lives natively on the internet, running on many of the world’s most advanced blockchains. Known as a fully-reserved stablecoin, every digital dollar of USDC on the internet is 100% backed by cash and short-dated U.S. treasuries, so that it’s always redeemable 1:1 for U.S. dollars.

For more info about USDC reserves composition and monthly attestations you can click here.

What is EURC?

EURC, is a euro-backed stablecoin that’s currently accessible globally on Ethereum and Avalanche. Similar to USDC, EURC is issued by Circle under a full-reserve model.

Designed for stability, EURC is 100% backed by euros held in euro-denominated banking accounts so that it’s always redeemable 1:1 for euros.

For more info about EURC reserves composition and monthly attestations you can click here.

When can I add and withdraw money from my account?

Adding and withdrawing money can be done at any time.

Are there any fees to adding and withdrawing from my Return account?

We charge no additional fees for adding or withdrawing money. However, standard fees from your bank will apply.

Is there a minimal amount I can add to my balance?

To top up with fiat currency, the minimum amount is either €50 or $50. However, there's no minimum for transferring USDC (with EURC availability coming soon).

How can I withdraw my money from Return Finance?

There are several ways to withdraw your funds, based on your preferences.

For Euro account holders, you can initiate a withdrawal via bank transfer to an account under your name. We don't charge any withdrawal fees, and transfers typically take 3 to 5 working days to reflect in your bank account.

For those with a USD account, you can opt to withdraw via USD Coin transfer. Simply provide a USDC (ERC20) wallet address corresponding to the network indicated in the app, and we'll promptly transfer your funds. We're actively working on adding the option for USD withdrawals via bank transfer, so keep an eye out for that update.

If you've deposited USD Coin (with EURC integration on the horizon), you'll need to specify an ERC20 wallet address matching the network displayed in the app for withdrawals. Upon confirmation, we'll swiftly process your transfer.

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