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About Return Finance

The Return Story

Return was launched as a fintech (financial technology) company in 2022 with the mission to make it accessible, understandable, and safe for regular people to earn high returns on their savings from the decentralized financial markets. We operate a compliant service and only partner with well-recognized RegTech companies, who are fully governed and are leaders in the industry.

About The Team

We are a collective of entrepreneurs and technical experts, with over 25 years of eclectic experience and success, who’ve come together to bring the bounties of decentralized finance to everyday people who will benefit from it.
We believe that making these financial systems accessible to as many people as we can will help create a better future for millions around the globe. This is why we want to help them gain financial freedom by offering a chance to benefit from the decentralized finance markets.
The simplest way to get the best Return on your money
Decentralized finance may seem like an unfamiliar ecosystem characterized by complex terminology, which might create the impression of being inaccessible to most individuals. Decentralized finance can sound like an exotic island planted with confusing terminology that may give you the impression that it’s inaccessible to you.. We know. Innovation can be daunting at first. That’s why we built Return to be the simplest-to-use savings application that can deliver up to 10% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) earnings from DeFi, keeping all technological complexities in the background.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to drive mass adoption of decentralized finance and its yield-generating protocols while having the same sense of security and ease of use that traditional banks give to their depositors.

Three things we believe about earning from your savings online

It should be easy
Earning from your savings or idle cash should be simple and stress-free. Our app is designed so that you can easily manage your money from anywhere without confusing workflows or vague language – we offer our users full transparency and ease of use.
It should be secure
We’ve built an institutional-grade infrastructure and a rigorous verification process to protect the identities of our customers. We employ two-factor authentication and achieve regulatory compliance through leak-proof AML and KYC checks.
It should be accessible to everyone
We believe that to have a real impact on the betterment of our planet and people’s lives, everyone should be able to bear the rewards of digital finance, this is another reason why we’ve made Return’s interface direct and user-friendly – so anyone can pick it up and start earning from their savings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock the power of decentralized finance by delivering quick and intuitive access for as many individuals and businesses as possible. While offering them the transparency, regulation, compliance and good governance, that are paramount in making Return a stand-out trustworthy service.

We want to hear from you!

We always strive to optimize our product in every way that we can, so we can provide a better experience to our users. Developing a great app with the best possible UX and ease of use is a hard and long process that requires a collective effort from everybody involved including you - the users, who can provide valuable first-hand feedback. Every thought and opinion counts! You can contact us through our e-mail: